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Concept created by Potalik and Patoshi, rewarding both HODLRS and HUSLRS (flippers), more utilities get unlocked from FLIPPING a Hot Potadough NFT. Ultimately designed to be an ever-growing and sustainable community driven ecosystem. Secondary market sales will boast the potaDAO treasury which will be allocating funds to our community for potaLOTTO, Golden Pot raffles, global events, tech integration and future project development.



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Patoshi and Potalik met at a crypto event in Dubai in 2021, both of them working for other projects at the time. They became friends because they had two major things in common, they both are visionaries and they have an extreme passion for NFTs. Patoshi came up with the basic concept of Hot Potadough and told Potalik about his idea, Potalik loved it and from there on the two of them resigned from their jobs and went full on DEGEN mode, they brainstormed and spent thousands of hours to put together the dynamic ecosystem you see before you today. Their main goal was to bring something new, unique and sustainable to the NFT space.

Hot Potadough was born and created. Founders Patoshi & Potalik understood that there are two types of people Flippers and holders. Flippers get scrutinized in normal communities and holders are praised.

That was their AHA moment, why do you have to be scared to sell your NFT? why are benefits lost to flippers? why are projects confined to such a small amount of people? why isn't anyone targeting the flippers? from there on they started looking into this. So many whys and no answers, this got them thinking of a solution.

They decided to elaborate on these issues and develop a project to reward Flippers a.k.a HUSLRS. At the end of the day as much as project creators and founders hate to admit it, flippers are the backbone of every single project. Often mistaken and ridiculed, nobody ever gave them the respect they deserve.

The real reason projects fail is because they don't have proper direction from the creators. Most are copying the handful of blue chip projects in hopes of gaining the same success. Yes its sad but true, some make quick cash but its biased on over promising members a bullshit fantasy.

Hot Potadough is a community driven project to bring together HUSLRS and HODLRS from all over the world, our project is based on building a sustainable ecosystem for a long term lifespan. The Hustlers Market will be our very own NFT marketplace and ecosystem. A first of its kind and a pioneer to the introduction of flipper rewards, benefits, leaderboards, social NFT profile and copy NFT trading.

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A very warm welcome to our project fellow NFT Degen, ultimately the choice is yours in how you participate in Hot Potadough. You can be a HODLR or a HUSLR, Regardless of what you choose, we are greatful to have you as a member and be apart of our journey.

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Who are you?

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These are our major milestones we plan to achieve in our long term vision of Hot Potadough.

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Phase 1

Planting the potadough

  • Concept creation
  • Building the community and awareness
  • Team formation
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Concept creation

  • Creating something new is not easy, this process took thousands of hours. Studying what’s good, what’s bad and what’s needed. Theres alot of shit out there, making an NFT is simple. Making a great NFT that is unique and will be sustainable long term is a challenge.

Building the community and awareness

  • Attending and hosting AMAs with various ALPHA groups, attending crypto events and networking with NFT degens worldwide.

Team formation

  • Building a core team of equally passionate people towards the vision of Hot Potadough.
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Phase 2


  • Hot Potadough Genesis collection
  • PotaToken NFT Airdrop
  • Lil Potadough Collection

Hot Potadough Genesis collection

  • 7777 Nfts total, free mint OMNI-CHAIN (BSC, ETH, MATIC, AVAX, SOL)
  • 7000 for whitelist and public sale
  • 777 allocated for team, custom 1 of 1, and collabs

PotaToken NFT airdrop

  • Airdrop to all members who have participated with the Hot Potadough project, will act as a governance token to participate in our potaDAO treasury decision making and will be the key to enter our upcoming ecosystem HUSLRS market.

Lil Potadough Collection

  • 20,000 NFTs, first sub collection of Hot Potadough. Free Nfts via Learn to Earn to flip. Compete against eachother, level up and grow Lil potadoughs to receive a complimentary Hot Potadough NFT and its exclusive utilities and perks.
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Phase 3

Lil Spud

  • PotaDAO
  • HUSLRS Market
  • Web 3.0 website
  • Potadough Chef
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  • Community is everything, Everyone that is part of our movement will have the right to vote on the treasury spendings (Events, giveaways, collabs, tech development) and to share their own ideas on future decisions and development of Hot Potadough.


  • Our very own NFT marketplace and ecosystem designed for HUSLRS(flippers); less transaction fees for members versus other marketplaces(opensea,looksrare), leaderboards, nft social profiles, copy nft trading, nft launchpad, rewards for HUSLRS(flippers), Staking opportunities for Hodlrs and a platform for other NFT projects to onboard and create a unique/custom rewards system for flipping NFTs. Proceeds of transaction fees will go towards the potaDAO treasury(increasing the value of the hot potadough genesis collection).

Web 3.0 website

  • (Lets be honest, Discord is a big pain in the ass) we will be moving from discord to our website featuring: a dashboard, leaderboard, hosting sweepstakes and giveaways, merch store, staking pools, events calendar, special announcements and live chat for assistance.

Potadough Chef

  • When the Chef arrives, he'll be cooking up some potadoughs
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Phase 4

All Grown Up

  • PotaDAPP
  • P2E games
  • Onboarding other NFT projects
  • HUSLRS Farm
  • Passive Potadough NFT collection


  • Downloadable APP for android and ios featuring the Huslrs nft marketplace, DAO voting platform, giveaways/ raffles, events calendar, leaderboard, dashboard, staking pools, encrypted chat and P2E games.

P2E games

  • Retro style/ simple yet fun games, giving our community members an opportunity to earn some extra crypto, pass by some time and have fun.

HUSLRS market global

  • Projects that want to follow our take on flipping NFT’s, onboarding other projects and expanding our platform globally .

HUSL land

  • Dedicated land on the metaverse. A place where Huslrs can wage crypto, play against eachother and have fun.

Passive Potadough NFT collection

  • A potato is very diverse and has a lot of potential to create different stream lines of revenue. Collectively through the potaDAO we will decide and create real world businesses and pair it with the Passive Potdough collection to generate passive income.

Our disruptive team

These legends are the core team of Hot Potadough

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CoFounder and CMO

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Kristof B


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Sean C


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